K08 slate and the city of Chateaudun

Thanks to the expertise of Braun Couverture and Asturienne Orléans, and also the trust they have always placed in our work, today we tell you how our K08 slate plays a role in the History of the town of Chateaudun and in particular of its former air base: the “Kellermann Barracks”.

A brief history: the former barracks, built in 1874-1878 after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, was intended for the 1st Regiment of Chasseurs à Cheval. At that time, the area could accommodate 800 men and 600 horses.

This regiment distinguished itself during the campaigns of the Revolutionary and Empire Wars at the battles of Valmy, Austerlitz, Wagram and others.

In 1934, the Air Force moved to the Kellermann district, and became Air Base 279 Chateaudun, known as the “Kellermann Barracks” until 2014, when it was disbanded and later dismantled.

The Barracks consisted of an entrance with two pavilions, the armoury, the tennis court, the former east stables, the cavalry arena with the riding arena, the main building and the former west stables.

In 2018-2019, a major project of rehabilitation and transformation of the town of Chateaudun is planned: the town of the 21st century, unifying the historic town with the former barracks and the present town built after the Second World War. The project is born and the roofing works among others are started.

The main building covered with K08 slate is intended in the very near future for the installation of the Nursing Training Institute (IFSI) and the Training Institute for Nursing Assistants (IFAS) and for 68 housing units on one side and the Grand Chateaudun on the other one.

In this way, slate contributes to the conservation of Dunois heritage. Natural slate lasts over time.



Size:  40 x 22

Quality:  Avantage

Quantity: 1800 m2 – 55 000 pieces

Roofing Layer: Société  Braun Couverture

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