K08 and the restaurant business

Production of slate trays for the restaurant business has become part of our daily routine for a few years now. Orders are of all sizes and thicknesses, with anti-drip grooves, with personalized engravings, with varied presentations, which are always based on our K08 slate.

These are jobs that diversify our brand and that allow us to be in other types of markets, also interesting, where we have made a name for ourselves. Thus, the large chains have been interested in our product, but also the small hoteliers and merchants, with more modest demands, which we are happy to serve.

As every summer, we are working these days to prepare an slate order for one of those big firms that trust us, El Corte Inglés, whose distribution is made mainly to Madrid and Barcelona. Zara, Amstel, Coca-Cola, Tomla or Printeos, are brands which we have worked for, one of the best ways for the K08 slate to be placed on the table of thousands of spanish homes.