K08 and the importance of training

K08 has always considered continuous training of its employees important. That is why, each year, the training calendar is planned taking into account the needs for new knowledge and the updating of those already acquired.

The most specific training, enabling the performance of the job, is also the most demanded throughout the year as it is mandatory. Updates of this type of training are carried out every 2 to 4 years, depending on the position (farmers, cutters, dumper drivers, administration, mechanics, electricians, etc.).

The training in prevention, safety and health reaches our workers through the Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC) established by the Regulation of Basic Mining Safety Standards. This information received is essential for the proper development of mining activity.

Leaving aside the obligation, there are complementary training to these that all our workers carry out and that we consider of equal importance. Thanks to remote training, K08 has given courses on emergencies and evacuation, prevention of occupational hazards and first aid.

The last course begins this week, in which the occupational prevention measures against the Covid-19 virus will be remembered.