Futsal: planning for the next season 2022-2023.

Our club is in the middle of planning for the next season 2022-2023.

The Senior team: the previous season ended without having been able to ratify our permanence in the third national division of futsal by remaining in the 12th position, which does not guarantee the place in the championship but rather the descent from the higher category. It is not yet official, but we fear that we will finally descend to the regional division of Galicia.

As far as our base teams are concerned, we are preparing for the provincial league championships of the infantile, cadet and juvenile teams. We hope to repeat the good records of the past seasons when they were declared champions of this demanding competition.

The teachers of the Futsal School are also preparing their programmes for the 150 children who trust our Club every year to learn an extra-curricular training.

Once again we want our students to receive in the playground the values of companionship, team spirit and respect beyond the results themselves. We are a company that seeks to influence the society in which we live, beyond the work. We are proud to be able to contribute to the formation of the future generations of Valdeorras through sport for 22 years now.