Château de Moléans and K08 slate

Today we are going to tell you how our K08 slate participated in the restoration of the Château de Moléans located in the department of Eure-et-Loir, in the Centre-Val de Loire region and built in the 16th and 18th centuries, with modifications in the 19th century.

Brief history:

Legend has it that in the 11th century a defensive structure existed on the site of the present castle, opposite the ford of the Hameau de la Roche.

Around 1440, Guillaume de Courcillon, a companion of Joan of Arc and Dunois, became Lord of Moléans. Originally from Anjou, he only made Moléans a modest home. The remains of a 15th century dwelling in the base of the right wing bear witness to this.

Throughout these three centuries, the property passed from hand to hand on several occasions.

Indeed, around 1521, Loys de Burgensis, from a family of surgeons of the Count of Blois, became the new owner and had the outbuildings wing rebuilt.

Around 1665, Moléans was acquired by Anthoine Charreton de la Terrière, a Blois family. The house passed from hand to hand without any member taking much interest in improving it. However, one of them, a scholar under the reign of Louis XIV, endowed it with an abundant library, partly manuscript, covering all literary and scientific subjects.

Subsequently, two Louis XIII pavilions were integrated into the main L-shaped building and remodelled in the 18th century. During the revolution of 1789 and the years that followed, a large part of the property was sequestered and even sold. The castle and part of the land escaped being ransacked thanks to the political liberalisation of the Directoire and the Consulate, which gradually lifted the spoliation measures.

 It was not until 1815 that restoration work was resumed, albeit with more modest means. The improvements were to focus mainly on the interior under the influence of the 19th century. They also transferred elements of the embellishing architecture from neighbouring properties that had been abandoned or destroyed: the porch of the outbuildings and the staircase of the Louis XIII pavilion.

The building site:

For this restoration of the castle roof, the roofing company Girard et Fils chose our K08 Renaissance slate. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their trust.


Format: 32 x 22 (1200 m2).

Quality: MH – Monument Historique – ref. K08 Renaissance 5 mm

Type of roofing: long-span roof, valley, nail installation

Distributor: Chavigny Chateaudun – Frédéric Legourd

Ent. Roofing: Entreprise GIRARD et Fils – 28200 LANNERAY

The natural slate K08 contributes to the preservation of the French heritage.