Highlighting our know-how

The serial work we do daily, allows us production times and results with which to measure our efficiency and quality. But, it happens sometimes, that we assume challenges which put to the test our ability to adapt ourselves to the requested order. They are very specific works, with unique characteristics that require flexibility and a great effort in the manufacture of such special pieces.

The work we show you was send to department 29, France, is an example of this. Requested dimensions by client require changes in our production process, but its result satisfied us and makes the adaptation worthwhile.

We produced 12 models of different dimensions in 15 mm thickness, STAR quality, for the same word and today we are proud to show the final result on the roof. Thanks to Buffet Couverture and congratulations for his work.


35×22    40×8    40×12
40×22    35×8    35×12
32×22    32×8    32×12
30×22    30×8    30×12


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