Gedimat Fair Trade 2022 – Bordeaux

Last March, we participated in the Gedimat 2022 exhibition in Bordeaux. This event is celebrated by the organisation that brings together the entire Gedimat and Gedibois network in France. We took the opportunity to meet our customers again after two years of uncertainty and frenzy caused by the pandemic. The result could only be positive. According to the directors: “Around 80% of members attended and 400 manufacturers and service providers came to exhibit, so it was a double success for us,” says Yves Martin Delahaye, chairman of the management board. A commitment that he praised on stage in his speech, as well as in those of the general manager Frédéric Ondet and the chairman of the supervisory board Michel Leroux. In all three speeches, there was one key word: “Thank you”, addressed to all of you, employees, members and suppliers, for having stood firm together (…).