Architectural Heritage in the Slate Valley

There is a rule in architecture that teaches us, since the beginning of mankind, man has given priority to the use of the closest and easiest to obtain materials for his constructions.

Where there are today exploitations of materials such as slate, granite, marble, clay, etc., we can find in the surroundings, the testimony of the uses that I was conferred during their history.

This heritage, unfortunately not always well preserved, also reflects the evolution of the constructions along with the introduction of technology, from the first uses with raw and unprocessed materials, to the gradual introduction of custom-made products with cutting machines.

At K08, we are proud of this past. It is the foundation of what we are today and, thanks to this work carried out under extremely difficult conditions, Galician slate is now well-known and appreciated in international markets.

A few years ago, we wanted to dedicate our presence to the Heritage Fair (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris), to show this ancient architecture that coexists with us, next to our quarries and our production plants. We prepared a complete photographic report which was issued during the 5 days of the show with great success.

Many of the exhibited works dated over 300 years old and are built with slate extracted near our quarry; for us, this is the “best laboratory” to see how our slate evolves in time and in very unfavorable climatic conditions.