At K08, we are wearing a new suit

A new look for our pallets.

In our daily work, we wanted to go further with our slates in accordance to the quality requirements of the markets, and change the presentation of our pallets, with a new labeling more modern, didactic and with higher  visibility.

For some days now, you can already see the new pallets on the market with a double label, in which our brand is highlighted with its corporate colours in addition to the different ranges that make it up:

Star, Avantage and Avantage Forte.

We have concentrated all the information required by Standards on a single label: dimensions, pieces, thicknesses, technical information, CE, NF, ATG and DAP.

We have also included in the label, our Quality Control Code which, identifies the production date of the pallet and the initials of the people involved in the selection process. These codes ensure the traceability of our slates and highlight the work and trust of the people responsible for the final selection process.

In line with our philosophy of maximum respect for the environment, we chose for our new labels, materials that are easily recyclable and not aggressive towards nature.