Following our desire of choosing every month a work which represent us, this February, we continue with the rehabilitation of roofs in buildings classified as historical. This time, the range of our K08 slate used for historical monuments, was chosen for the replacement of the roof of the Hainaut General […]

Construction of the month. February: Royal Hainaut Spa & Resort ...

February is the month chosen by first visitants to know our facilities and the elaboration process of our slate K08. This first group was moving from Nantes, France to make the first visit of many more that we expect to receive this year. They began the tour in the quarry, […]

The first visit of 2020

In K08, work of each person is unique and unrepeatable. As in many other manual jobs, every employee leaves his/her mark on the part of the chain he dominates, all are different and all important. Because the final result, depends on each shackle. And each shackle is a artisan who […]

Amazed for their work