June announces the recovery of slate exports

After three consecutive months of falling of the slate exports, since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in our country in March, data of June reflect a small recovery. 42,452 tons left the Spanish borders, 6’4 % more than in the same month of the previous year. These data translate into an increase in turnover that went from 21,961,103 euros to 24.142.822 in June 2019, a 10% year-on-year increase.

Same figures also speak of a 19.87% increase in exports in June compared to May of this year 2020, gradually surpassing the negative data of the previous month. In terms of turnover, the increase is just over 20%.

Accumulated data for the first six months of 2020 reflect 15% less product output, 213,619 tons, and 120,529,708 euros in turnover, which represents a decrease of 12.3%.

In an analysis by country, exports to France fell in June by 16% compared to 2019, invoicing almost 52 million euros, 7.9 million less than in the previous year. The United Kingdom has experienced a similar situation, importing 29% less slate, which meant almost ten million less turnover.

Germany register again in June positive figures, equaling the level of exports to those registered in the same month last year.