We set the agenda in motion

The K08 team is already working on a new agenda of social events adapted to the new situation, which can be implemented, little by little and with all the security guarantees, with the arrival of the “new normal”. Thus, the two main activities whose protagonist is the public will be those that require a greater effort of planning and organization.

Firstly, visits, which cannot be restarted until the authorities allow the transit of people inside and outside the national territory. With the pleasant memory of first visitors of 2020, we hope and wish to recover as soon as possible that cultural exchange that we enjoy so much.

Secondly, attendance at fairs, whose first opportunity was on the doorstep of being able to be held just a few days before Spain decreed the State of Alarm. This is the Gedimat 2020 Hall, scheduled for March 10, 11 and 12th and that was finally cancelled without any news of a possible reissue.

The K08 agenda also contemplated attendance in October at the Artibat 2020 Hall, which has already been officially postponed to October 13, 14 and 15, 2021.