March and the arrival of COVID-19

On May 4, the entire K08 team returned to work after the March 23 shutdown, a decision we made with the whole slate industry due to the incidence of coronavirus in Spain. Closed facilities had a direct impact on exports abroad.

The statistical data for the first quarter of the year, received these days, reflects this. That week of inactivity punished the sector with a fall in exports of 6.5%, only cushioned by the output of product to Germany. Far from falling, the purchase of slate from this country increased by 18%.

France, reference country for K08, stopped importing 15% less slate in that week, invoicing 28 million euros, almost 4 million less than March 2019. The United Kingdom offered similar decrease, with 14% less import volume.

April data will undoubtedly offer a more complete view of the impact of COVID-19 on the slate industry.