K08 participates in a technical day of Cluster da Pizarra de Galicia

The largest group of slate companies called Cluster da Pizarra de Galicia, organized a meeting in which the main political representatives, businessmen, professionals and unions of Valdeorras, Orense and Lugo participated. There, K08 team was present.

Three projects were showed in an event which took place in Sobradelo, Carballeda de Valdeorras. These projects were promoted by the Centro Tecnológico de la Pizarra foundation and by the Cluster.

These initiatives propose the recovery of the local fauna in the producing areas, the search for new constructive applications of slate, and the prevention of the risks associated with the exposure of crystalline silica.

The first project, called Environmental measures for the mitigation and compensation of impacts on local wildlife on slate farms, was introduced by Luis Manuel Andón Rivas, technical director of Environmental Department in Calfensa. Its objective, to show the need that in the environmental restoration, in addition to the renovation of the vegetation cover, we must also take into account the recovery of the associated fauna.

The second project, called Manual of good practices for the integral control of the risks associated with exposure to respirable crystalline silica in the slate manufacturing buildings, was introduced by Javier Madera, director of Staub Engineering. This paper offers a model that will help prevention systems to be much more effective.

The third project, introduced by Fernando López González-Mesones, mine engineer , and called Technological characterization of Galician blackboards, as a construction material, for other applications complementary to traditional roofing Phase  2, look for new slate applications in areas such as pavements, fronts of buildings, rustic and urban furniture and decoration.